Panna Cotta Cake in Jar - Kahlua Baileys

140.000 IDR(Nett)

Panna Cotta Cake in Jar - Kahlua Baileys

New addition to our Jar Cake series. After Baby To Go, now you will have Panna Cotta cake in a jar.

We have 2 variants now :

1. Kahlua Baileys panna cotta cake in jar - alternate layers of vanilla sponge cake, dark chocolate sponge cake, and kahlua baileys chocolate panna cotta.
2. Banana Rum cake in jar.
Alternatelayers of vanilla sponge cake, mashed banana rum, and vanilla panna cotta.

You can have it individually or in set of 2 and set of 4.

Size and Shape
1 Jar is good for 2 pax

Shelf Life
3 days - chiller
Do not freeze (as it may alter the texture of the cake)

Comes with plastic spoon and box

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