Musangking Dark cake

Musangking Dark cake

Musangking Dark

The Musangking Dark Cake is a new addition to our popular line of cakes and is quickly becoming a favorite. Alongside popular cakes such as Classic Dark, Black Forest, Truffle Cake, and Truffle Whisky cakes, this cake features a soft and moist dark chocolate sponge cake that is combined with flavorful Musangking durian puree. The cake is coated with our signature velvety dark chocolate frosting, which has been made even darker, providing the perfect complement to the rich flavors of the Musangking filling. With every bite, you can experience the unparalleled bittersweetness and creaminess of the King of the King of fruits – Musangking.

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Shelf Life
3 days - chiller
Do not freeze (as it may alter the texture of the cake)

Item Included
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