Bundling Set of 2 (Classic & Black)

260.000 IDR(Nett)

Bundling Set of 2 (Classic & Black)

A bundling of 2 jars most loved Baby To Go :

1 jar of Baby To Go - Black (contains alcohol) + 1 jar of Baby To Go -  Classic

Baby-To- Go is the jar version of our  baby cakes. Our baby cakes are very soft and fragile, they can not travel far. That is why we created this Baby-To-Go version for you who live far from our shop so that you  can always have these babies delivered to you or your loved ones in good condition.

The cakes are freshly baked from scratch everyday using premium and natural ingredients. We do not use artificial additive or preservative.  We hope you appreciate the difference.  

Size and Shape
1 Jar is good for 2 pax (double the volume of our original babies).

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Shelf Life
3 days - chiller
Do not freeze (as it may alter the texture of the cake)

Comes with plastic spoon + box + paper bag.

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