Baby To Go In Box Musangking

110.000 IDR(Nett)

Baby To Go In Box Musangking

Musangking Dark

With every bite, you could taste the unparalleled bittersweetness and creaminess of Musangking durian. It is not surprising they call Musangking as the King of the King of fruit. No preservatives are added and only premium quality of Musangking used to ensure the quality of the cake.

The cake is glazed in thick layer of our signature silky & Musangking puree filling with soft extra dark chocolate frosting then finished with shiny chocolate glaze. If you are a fan of dark chocolate and durian, this combination of finest dark chocolate cake and Musangking puree is definitely an indulgence that you should not miss.

Currently we have 4 variants:
- Baby To Go in Box Classic
- Baby To Go in Box Black
- Baby To Go in Box Kahlua Baileys
- Baby To Go in Box Musangking 

Dimension : ± 8 x 8 cm

Shelf Life
3 days - chiller
Do not freeze (as it may alter the texture of the cake)

Comes with plastic spoon (not including Gift Tag)

availability : in stock

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