Twin Delights 1

160.000 IDR (Nett)

Twin Delights 1

Some of our baby cakes are too soft to travel well, but with Baby-to-Go, you can now have these delicious treats delivered to you safely. Perfect for those who want to enjoy our baby cakes but live far from our shop. These baby-to-go cakes are a smaller, travel-friendly version of our full-sized cakes, made with only the best and natural ingredients.

Available Variants
- BTG Classic Dark, available in jar and box.
- BTG Musangking Dark, available in box only.

Available Packaging
- Box, serves 1 person

Seasonal Set
2 boxes of baby-to-go box in Ramadhan-themed Box. With a greeting card.
Twin Delights 1: Classic + Classic
Twin Delights 2: Classic + Musangking

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Shelf Life
3 days - chiller
Do not freeze (as it may alter the texture of the cake)

Items Included
For regular: gift tag included for box of 2 and 4
For seasonal: greeting card included

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