SAFFRON Cookie Gift Set 3

655.000 IDR (Nett)

SAFFRON Cookie Gift Set 3

Our cookies are baked in small batches to ensure their freshness and quality. We use only premium and natural ingredients, and we never add any preservatives or artificial additives.

Available Variants
Double Dark, Coffee Raspberry, Salted Hazelnut, Chocolate Cashew, Caramel Cheese

Available Packaging
Our cookies come in either a 550 ml clip jar or a 220 ml round box, with a net weight of 220-270 grams (for the jar) or 90-120 grams (for the box), depending on the type of cookie.

2 Jars of cookies in a Ramadan-themed box.
Saffron 1: Double Dark + Chocolate Chasew
Saffron 2: Salted Hazelnut + Chocolate Cashew
Saffron 3: Coffee Raspberry + Caramel Cheese

Shelf Life
If unopened: 3 months. Please refer to the best before date on the packaging.
If opened: Consume within 1 week for best quality.

Item Include:
Reguler: Gift Tag
Seasonal: Blank Card

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