Divine Set

555.000 IDR (Nett)

Divine Set

Savor the Unique Flavors of Our Freshly Made Snow-Skin Mooncake

Available Variants

1. All Chocolate

Homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge with Dark Chocolate Truffle "yolk." A beloved choice since 2017, this irresistible delight is a true haven for devoted dark chocolate enthusiasts. The velvety and smooth cocoa powder-hued skin encases this decadent mooncake.

2. Musangking Cheese

Perfect pairing of our homemade Musangking Cheese filling, known for its luscious texture and incredible flavor, and the decadent Oreo Dark Truffle "yolk." It is a simple indulgence that's hard to resist.

3. Lotus Dark

This modern classic showcases a luscious Lotus Paste filling enriched with cocoa powder and enhanced by nutty crunch of Almond Truffle “yolk”. The addition of cocoa powder adds a delightful flavor to this beloved classic.

4. Black Whisky (alcohol infused)

Homemade Black Rice filling infused with single Malt Whisky, with a Malt Whisky Truffle “yolk”. Each bite offers a perfect blend of nuttiness from the black rice, complemented by the warm and smoky malt whisky.

5. Adzuki Matcha

Homemade Adzuki Chocolate filling with Matcha Mungbean center. Encased in a silky skin colored naturally with matcha powder. We take pride in using only premium quality matcha powder to ensure an authentic and satisfying taste that stands out.

6. Espresso Baileys (alcohol infused)

A harmonious blend of homemade Espresso Chocolate Fudge infused with Baileys liqueur. The Baileys Truffle "yolk" nestled within adds an extra layer of decadence, creating a truly luxurious experience.

Available Sets
1. Jade Rabbit Set (non-alcohol): All Chocolate, Lotus Dark, Adzuki Matcha, Musangking Cheese
2. Moonbeam Set (mix): All Chocolate, Adzuki Matcha, Black Whisky (a), Espresso Baileys (a)
3. Divine Set (mix): Lotus Dark, Musangking Cheese, Black Whisky (a), Espresso Baileys (a)


  • Weight : 85 gr each
  • Diameter : 6 cm
  • Height : 3 cm
  • Shelf Life : 3 days in chiller, 2 weeks in freezer.

Individual mooncake non-alcohol : Rp 95.000 each
Individual mooncake with alcohol : Rp 110.000 each
Individual Musangking : Rp 120.000

Box of 4 (Jade Rabbit Set) non-alcohol : Rp 525.000 / box
Box of 4 (Moonbeam Set) with alcohol : Rp 530.000 / box
Box of 4 (Divine Set)) with alcohol :Rp 555.0000 / box

We will freshly prepare your Mooncakes. Kindly choose the following dates for delivery / pick-up. You can reserve now via WA and our Tokopedia Store.

Due to limited stocks, please preorder asap :

Delivery Dates
Batch 1: 6 – 7 September 2023 (pre-order by 30 Agustus 2023)
Batch 2: 17 – 18 September 2023 (pre-order by 10 September 2023)
Batch 3: 27 – 28 September 2023 (pre-order by 20 September)

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