Fruitful Truffles Set

480.000 IDR (Nett)

Fruitful Truffles Set

Best-selling Chinese New Year gift last year make a return this year. This special edition FRUITFUL TRUFFLES set is great for sharing at small gathering or sending wishes for bountiful year ahead.


Spring Orange truffles

“FU” Whisky truffles (contains alcohol)

Lychee Mochi truffles

Almond Praline truffles

Kiwi Chocolate trufffles


  • Shelf life: 1 week in chiller, 2 weeks in freezer.

  • Delivery coverage : Jakarta only.

  • PRE-ORDER only, for pick-up and delivery on the following dates :

Batch 1 : 26 - 27 Jan (last order 21 Jan)

Batch 2 : 2 - 3 Feb (last order 28 Jan)

Batch 3 : 9 - 10 Feb (last order 4 Feb)

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