Freshly prepared snow skin mooncakes

342.000 IDR (Nett)

Freshly prepared snow skin mooncakes

Our mooncakes come in package of 4 mooncakes (weight: 85 gr, d: 5.8 cm, h: 3 cm) in an orange hard-box packaging tied with gold ribbon.

An elegant gift option for friends and family.

To ensure freshness, delivery and self-collection are available on the following dates:

Batch 1:   23-24  Aug 2019

Batch 2:   29-30  Aug 2019

Batch 3:   5 - 6 Sep  2019

Batch 4:   12- 13 Sep 2019

Rp 342,000 per box of 4 (pre-order now - 20 Aug 2019)

Rp 380,000 per box of 4 (pre-order after 20 Aug 2019)


Multigrain Chocolate, Salted Caramel Brittles Chocolate, Matcha Mungbean Pistachio, White Lotus Smoked Beef.



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